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Many MANY MANY such wonderful things to blog about today but this takes the biscuit, and no its not the fact that Ireland have qualified for the Eurovision finals (which I take secret delight in), Gay-Westmeath (I know, sounds insane to put those two words together) has launched its website

AND Gertie Browne’s pub off Church street, Athlone has launched a gay friendly night (once a month I think)

AND a gay night in 41’s bar on the not far up the same street.

Well I never. Well I did, the t-shirt didn’t fit. However, whats good for The Town is gooods for me. hope to check it out sometime, have a peek at who may have come-out in my seven year absence.  However, its no Sean’s bar, and providing this might be the most homophobic remark you will ever hear me say, I like my Sean’s Bar like I like my Whiskey, Straight.

Ps: THIS BLOG IS SO GAY! everybody is allowed a gay day now and then. Lets call it research!


New radio station launching in June. Ireland’s first Gay radio station to be exact.

hurray for gay radio!

Open fm

David tells it how is is.

7Per cent stamp duty on joint house ownership? someone could buy two brand new cars for that kind of money.

let them eat cake.

Civil Partnership or Civil war?

I was listening this morning to the latest update on the Civil Partnership Bill. It is really very funny to listen to a group of politically empowered jokers debating the actual terms of the Bill. From what I can gather, the main issue as to why the bill has not yet been fully processed is due to the fact that the government are afraid of how the bill might be taken advantage of. For example, one argument was based upon the phrasing of the bill, and how one might define the “sort of” relationship to be included within this Law. They argued over the word “commitment” in terms of defining the relationship of a same-sex couples or heterosexual couples co-habiting for a certain amount of time, claiming that any relationship can be “committed” in various formations, you could be committed to your father, ill dependent mother, etc etc , claiming this would upset the system.

The second word was “intimate”, this caused twice the amount of debate as committed, again, it came back to the same issue, intimacy is elastic, and one can be intimate with someone on a purely sexual level and at the same time, engage in many other intimate relationships.

The third word that sparked a small amount of debate was, “conjugal”. A conjugal, co-habiting couple and could register their civil partnership? Nope, not much agreement there either.

Either way, the debate was really going nowhere but around in circles. Three years on and this Bill is still under discussion, whereas it seems absolutely no progress exists. I watched this debate for over two hours, and nothing, agreed on nothing, suggested no solution, instead ridiculed the existing components of the bill.

How can so many parties who claim to have the same liberal intentions not sit down and actually structure a solution? The mind boggles! If whey actually stopped competing with each other for 5 mins, they might actually get somewhere!

It’d be quicker to just call a referendum and change the bloody constitution, with 84 per cent of the Irish public in support of Civil Marriage it really could not be any easier.

Rant over!

Being a gay activist is the easiest thing in the whole once one has access to the internet? A preaching tool as much as an educator.

Efa joined the group Save the Life of LGBT Activist Kiana Firouz. · Comment · Like

Is it enough though? I joined 3420 others in signing a petition to save the life of Gay activist Kiana Fiorouz.

Like many others, Fiorouz left Iran to seek refuge in the UK. As a gay activist she would never have survived the homophobic terrorism of Iran and now, her deportation back to Iran is under question. If this becomes a reality, Fiorouz could face punishment from 400 lashes to death by hanging for her participation in the lesbian documentaryCul De Sac, proposed release was to be this month.

Considering the controversy over last week’s Draw Mohammad day on facebook, there is a visible danger to those in the East expressing their Human rights by Western standards. Its quiet frightening, and its hard not to feel both terrified and helpless knowing that blogging about it is all one can do from this side of the computer.

This is a human rights issue by all accounts, but one has to question how much petitioning actually effects the actions by government officials. I am in a particularly sceptical position at the moment, (you could say I got out of the wrong side of the closet this morning).  My hope is that this petition will be enough, I hope tiny little me ‘liking’ Save the Life of LGBT Activist Kiana Firouz will be enough. But I am sceptical. By all accounts, I will urge you to sign the petition.

Wes Andersons short film Hotel Chevalier, one of my very very favorites. this is part 1 0f 2.

Here is a great little Advertisment for the Civil marriage equality campaign


Sineads hand, 2009, 1.45 mins

Donegal 3, 2009.
Donegal, 2009.

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Donegal 13, 2009.Donegal 14, 2009.
Donegal 2, 2009.