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The Irish presidential race is on the horizon. Many hopeful candidates are begining to crawl out from under the woodwork. Most recently, as reported by RTE, Fergus Finlay is opting for a nomination. As head of Banardo’s Ireland, Finlay has the profile of good will and charity on his side, like Adie Roche before him. Hoping for a Labour nomination, he will have to battle Michael D. Higgins for that nomination.  So where does that leave David Norris? His chances for nomination are becoming slimmer and slimmer as the weeks pass. Although challenging, Ursula Halligan’s badgering and receptive scepticism on his ability to stand up to the job (in an interview with Norris) has not helped matters. In fact she constructed an image of Norris as a silly clown unable to control his tongue.  It has to be remembered, that Norris has done a lot for human rights issues, here and abroad, and not just as gay rights supporter (not quite the workings of a clown…). Many will argue that Norris’s popularity as a possible Presidential candidate is somewhat saturated with Obama syndrome and maybe it is, and what is so wrong with that? Over the last two decades we have had two extraordinary women take the presidential seat. We have been much more progressive than the USA in those terms. Norris would be the first ever fully out gay political figure to be elected, not just in Ireland but in the world. To be the first country to elect a gay president, now wouldn’t that be an amazing message to send out to the rest of the world? It’s not just about homosexuality, but about human rights as a whole. Both Robinson and McAlesse had previously worked with or on a par with Norris on many issues previous to their election and have both worked hard for women’s rights in this country. Like Robinson, David Norris would be a people’s president, warm, welcoming, kind spirited, approachable, strong willed and intelligent. Tell me, what more could one wish for to represent this country? As an independent candidate Norris will need all the support he can get, therefore I will urge you to sign the petition below. “YOU GOT TO GIVE THEM HOPE”


Wes Andersons short film Hotel Chevalier, one of my very very favorites. this is part 1 0f 2.