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Following the Marriage Equality “We are family too” campaign, this years gay pride committee have adopted the campaign as this years pride theme. In my experience of Dublin gay pride over the last decade this is without a doubt the most positive theme so far.

The site itself is well worth a visit

I have to say I spent a good hour going through the various posts from young people expressing what family means to them, and its such a positive heartwarming experience. I have to congratulate this years pride committee on a job well done, the promotion it is given the “We are family too” campaign is wonderful. I cant be a 100per cent sure but I’m guessing they have worked close with Marriage Equality on this.

So, what to expect from pride this year? well firstly, one thing to note is this years grand marshal, Dr. Lydia Foy. As some might know, Lydia Foy, born Donal Mark Foy, was diagnosed with  a gender identity disorder in the early 1990s, since then Dr Foy has under gone a gender change. She has been fighting to have her gender recognised under Irish law for over a decade and after a long and tedious battle, she has finally been granted the right to have her legal documents changed to recognise her gender as female. This is a significant moment in the history of LGBT rights in Ireland and what could be more perfect than to celebrate this at the gay pride festival?

Following the infamous rant by Brenda Power on last years pride festival, this year the bigmouted journo will be stumped for a critical response! OK, maybe she may still experience the odd “arse hangin’ out”, but with the hard work and dedication of groups such as Marriage Equality, GLEN and LGBT Noise, this pride seems to be returning to its political roots!

So lets have fun, but, lets not forget the real cause when downing the shots and applying rainbow colored war paint before the parade!  Unfortunately, this post may seem some what in vain as I will miss the actual parade this year due to work, but will be joining the masses once I clock out!

The Pride festival is running all week by the way, with loads of stuff to do and see, and if like me, you are going to miss the parade this year Openfm will be broadcasting live from pride. Here is the schedule as on their website:

Saturday – 10am – 10pm
(June 26th – will be dedicated to the Pride Parade)

10 – 12am Behind the Scenes look at the organising of the Dublin Pride Festival.
12 – 2pm Pre-parade Show show, a build up to the day we’ve been waiting for all year!
2 – 4pm Live @ The Parade – Possibly one of the most exciting parts of the OpenFM schedule. For the first time ever live coverage for the whole parade and speeches. The OpenFM Crew will be on the streets hearing directly from you.
4 – 6pm Live @ The Parade – Possibly one of the most exciting parts of the OpenFM schedule. For the first time ever live coverage for the whole parade and speeches. The OpenFM Crew will be on the streets hearing directly from you.
6 – 8pm Post Parade Gig Show with a look to at where to go for post parade partying! Hearing from back from the streets on what they thought of the 2010 Parade.
The DJ Angels – Spreading good will to everyone on earth. Possibly one of the most exciting shows Open FM will bring to the airways, this show will showcase the best of Ireland’s upcoming DJ’s and their individual styles and taste in music.

So, visit or tune into 89.9fm on your radio!

And as I said lots to do ALL WEEK, for more info visit



  1. Actually the “WRF2 project” (say We Are Family Too, its easier) is independent to the Marriage Equality folks.

    I’m not working with any other organisation on any front in relation to the theme, other than Dublin Pride. I can see a similarity of interests there.

    It sort of forces people to think about what a family is, so It might help.

    Heck, I’d like to get everyone’s opinion. Think conservatively about what a family is?

    Is it a husband and wife and their 2.5 children?

    Is it a single mother and her kids? That answer would have been no in the 1970’s.

    Is it a convent filled with nuns? Arguably, yes, even from the extreme conservatives.

    Is it a circus. Literally the performers and backstage people in a circus? Given their extended close proximity and travelling together for years at a time, essentially a travelling village, why not.

    Hope it helps,

  2. Of course, its an amazing move for Dublin pride, so I am happy to be able to congratulate the pride committee and yourself Will.

    I wasn’t sure if was a connected to the Marriage equality campaign, it was a wild guess, so thanks for clearing that up!

    Happy pride 🙂

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