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This Sunday (27th June), Cinema in the park presents Charlie Chaplin’s 1925 film The Goldrush.

Some of might know Chaplin (in my Troy McClure voice), from such films as City Lights and The Great Dictator. My personal fave would be The Great Dictator, however, many film critics have labeled The Goldrush Chaplin’s best work, and who am I to argue, I love them all!

Some might recognize the infamous “Dance of the dinner rolls”, as parodied in Benny and Joone, and the cabin setting from The Simpsons episode “Mountain of Madness” where the characters Homer and Mr Burns hallucinate due to cabin fever.

The Goldrush is just one of those films, vintage and hilarious and well worth a watch! I’m sure the experience will be twice as good in Cinema in the park, if the last screening of Faust is anything to go by.

Cinema in the park starts at dark, aprx 10pm and it is best to take something to sit on as well as some food and drink, however, they are strict on taking away whatever you bring so be prepared to clean up after yourself. There is a min donation of 5euro, which is feck all!

Location: Fitzwilliam Square, off Baggot St.


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